LC: Shrouded Isles

Session 27-

And Then She Went Apeshit

Session 27

Mithral Plate for Pree
Immovable Rods for Avram
Gloves Swimming for Avram
Belt Dwarven for Avram
Bracers Lesser Defence for Bea
6 Potions Healing (held by Pree)
2 Potions Greater Healing (held by Pree)
Kitten Mittens of the Zephyr for Bentley
Cloak of Elvenkind for Pree
Cloak of Elvenkind for Bea
Amulet of Proof Against Divination for Avram

40 Javelins were bought by Pree for Rhongar
Bea and Cole fought about the deck of cards…again

Can’t stay at Molly’s bc she’s renovating

Cole scryed for Cutty (focusing with Crimson Prism and hugging Bentley who is holding the ruins key and Elgin’s Journal in his mouth)

Cutty is at campsite with Lielle
Lielle is talking about how to “get in” and talk to “him” why would he walk away from everything to help us (talking about Gaelenor?) he doesn’t know about the truce or doesn’t care
Hear a rustling further from campsite Cutty goes off into underbrush and approaches 2 legged creature stumbling slowly through forest Cutty attacks it with axe, strikes it down, drags it off path and into ditch, returns to campsite says patrols are getting closer and they have to move
Lielle “Why don’t we just go to the door and knock?”

We rent a wagon and start off towards Port of Rowan. Traveling to Port Rowan, Bea learns Fireball. We get attacked by gerblins.

Pree hits a goblin with acid and it makes him real angry

Things were going pretty rough, Bentley went down, then Avram turned Pree into a giant ape who smashed’em up good



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