LC: Shrouded Isles

Session 26

The Party Goes Shopping

Session 26
Last time on SHROUDED ISLES… Princess and fam fled. Babcock is in charge (#gagindeed), but we feared him up good and he gave us 5000GP and free range. The dumbwaiters were freed and all left, including those manning the western castles. The Cloud Knights were said to have gone to the Mists, which might explain why we can’t contact them. The “shrine” room The Garage with the Elf Farwynn statue (with the ears that open a secret room in which we stored the Big Orb which refreshes the Shroud) is now our Castle Rowan HQ. We moved beds in there. Bea

Beholder Forensics
Pree got 3 beakers of beholder goo and 1 beholder eyestalks
Bea got 5 beakers of beholder goo and a metal panel

The Plan
Head west to the Three Sons (maybe find out more about the dumbwaiter deserters)
Head north to the port that will take us to the Mists
Go to the Mists and look for the Cloud Knights (and y’all BE COOL OKAY)
Potential allies in the Orc raiders from Magduin Isle?

Pree’s streetname for Cole: COLE’D AS ICE

Let’s Go to the Mall. Today.
Should we spend that 5000GP?
Pree and Rhongar go to the bank. Dave the Old Elf Banker is over it. 25PP and 2500GP. 460GP for the gems.
Shopping List

  • javelins for Rhongar (because he needs a ranged Strength option)
  • Magical items to boost our fighting expertise
  • Mithral Breastplate 450gp
  • Cloak of Elvenkind

Gantt showed up and told us that Furk was arrested for stealing from the bank. Fuck that guy.
Avram is trying to use magic to hide the magical fake promissory note. It doesn’t go well. Bea fakes the bank teller out, a little. Overall their ruse doesn’t work…

Pree steals a map from the back pocket of a bougie tourist.

Went shopping at Quinn’s Quirious Qoddities. Met Arlington Sidwell. So. Much. Haggling.

“Where’s your sense of adventure, Cole?! What are we on right now?!”

Arlington Sidwell’s Inventory:
ALCHEMY JUG (uncommon) – 200gp
ARROW-CATCHING SHIELD (rare, attunement) – 750gp
BAG OF BEANS (rare) – 500gp
BELT OF DWARVENKIND (rare, attunement) – 1200gp
BOOTS OF LEVITATION (rare) – 600gp
BRACERS OF LESSER DEFENSE (uncommon, attunement, +1 AC) – 250gp
CIRCLET OF BLASTING (uncommon) – 300gp
CLOAK OF ELVENKIND (uncommon, attunement) 2x – 400gp
DUST OF DISAPPEARANCE (uncommon) – 200 gp
GLOVES OF SWIMMING AND CLIMBING (uncommon, attunement) – 115gp
IMMOVABLE ROD (uncommon) 2x – 250gp
MITHRAL BREASTPLATE (uncommon) – 450gp
OIL OF SLIPPERINESS (uncommon) 3x – 200gp
POTION OF CLIMBING (common) 5x – 50gp
POTION OF GROWTH (uncommon) 2x – 200gp
POTION OF HEALING (common) 6x – 40gp
POTION OF GREATER HEALING (uncommon) 2x – 120gp
ROBE OF USEFUL ITEMS (uncommon) – 500gp
WAND OF MAGIC DETECTION (uncommon) – 300gp
RING OF TELEKINESIS (very rare, attunement) – 5000gp
DWARVEN THROWER (very rare, attunement by a dwarf) – 5000gp
HORSESHOES OF A ZEPHYR (very rare) – 6000gp
DECK OF MANY THINGS (legendary) – 10000 gp



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